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Automotive M&A Activity Remains Strong: Be Ready

Automotive M&A Activity Remains Strong: Be Ready

Automobile sales are rising globally, and also the automotive industry remains among the hottest sectors for M&A activity. Analysts predict the boost in deal flow that happened during 2014 continues or perhaps accelerate throughout 2015. A current report printed by Ernst & Youthful identified the automotive industry among the top sectors for deal activity within the next 12 several weeks. Additionally to elevated automobile sales, growth and diversification objectives, and macroeconomic factors, deal activity has been spurred by stringent efficiency standards which are pushing manufacturers to lessen vehicle weight. In reaction, many automotive suppliers are going after transactions to get technology and advanced materials.

Among the flurry of activity, automotive companies thinking about an M&A transaction should participate in careful preparation and planning to avoid missteps and maximize deal value. Research should start in early stages and be employed to get yourself a clearer picture from the target company, including its financial health, legal and regulatory risks, and culture. When done the proper way, research will assist you to identify problems that can shape or get rid of the deal. Research can also be necessary to integration planning. When companies do not realize all the perceived advantages of an M&A transaction, too little focus on integration planning is frequently the offender.

Below are great tips that can help companies get the most from their research:

  • Place the team together early – The research team, including internal personnel and exterior advisors, ought to be come up with early. Each team member’s responsibilities ought to be clearly defined along with a timeline for that completing research objectives ought to be established.
  • Ensure that it stays private – The parties should sign a confidentiality agreement to safeguard sensitive information and promote the exchange of knowledge for research purposes.
  • Prepare and submit request lists – Research request lists ought to be comprehensive, but tailored to suit the transaction.
  • Make use of a data room – A properly-organized data room is important for an efficient research process. Online data rooms can further increase cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Research is really a critical element of the look, preparation, and execution of the M&A transaction. Following a steps above will assist you to make sure that your company will get the most from the research process.

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