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Techniques and also the Question of Quality

Cutting Corners and the Question of Quality

As you may expect, advocates of Legal Project Management Software (LPM), Legal Process Improvement (LPI) along with other methods for driving greater efficiency and cost into legal service delivery get lots of blow-back. One of the most common gripes we hear is the fact that “LPM encourages corner-cutting.”

Two Methods to Complain

Actually, within this make up the complaint puts rather too blunt a place around the issue. So let’s become more precise: the substance from the corner-cutting charge really stems from two quite distinct allegations. One, driven by market competition, may be labeled the “my competition is all slime” complaint. It may sound such as this:

“The reason our competition is eating our lunch on cost and stealing clients is they are techniques on quality. They ought to be doing sloppy work or departing important gemstones unturned. They’re low-balling us to obtain work, however they can’t deliver good service at individuals prices.”

Another complaint stems from today’s law practice-client dynamics, as influenced by legal department financial aspects, costs and budgets. We’re able to refer to this as “the client helped me do it” complaint:

“When our clients’ budget pressures pressure these to demand greater ‘efficiency and price-effectiveness’ from us, what they’re really doing is asking us to chop corners – to compromise our standards of quality service delivery. In that way, they expose both themselves and us to unparalleled risks.”

We’ll discuss the very first of those provocations within this publish, following track of the second the next time. However, there’s a typical theme to those two posts:

An unavoidable dog fight erupts whenever lawyers attempt to

discuss cost and quality within the same sentence.

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